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AC Motor

Basic Electrical Engineering

Circuit Theory

Control Systems

DC Motor

Electrical Drives

Electrical Control Automation

Electrical Machines

Energy Systems

Field Theory

Illumination Engineering

Induction Motor



Power Electronics

Power systems


Three Phase Motor

Electrical Machines I


340102 - MAE1-E5O09 - Electrical Machines I
Last update: 03-07-2014 340102 - MAE1-E5O09 - Electrical Machines I 1 / 4 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Degree competences to which the subject contributes
Tidewater Community College: Electrical Machines I - ELE 211
The course description above is common to all Virginia's Community Colleges. Tidewater Community College may add course prerequisites, co-requisites and/or other ...
Electric Machines | Electrical Engineering and Computer ...
This course teaches the principles and analysis of electromechanical systems. Students will develop analytical techniques for predicting device and system interaction ...
COURSE SYLLABUS - Texas State Technical College | Home ...
Electrical Machines Course Syllabus Page 5 . attendance is vital to the discharge of this obligation and absences, excused or not, do not alter this ...
ECE Course Outline - School of Electrical and Computer ...
ECE4335 - Electric Machinery Analysis (3-0-3) Prerequisites: ECE 3070/3300 Corequisites: None Catalog Description: Advanced theory of AC machines ...
Electrical Machinery - University of Denver
Electrical Machinery. These are the ways electrical energy and mechanical energy are transformed into each other by rotating machines
09EI220 ELECTRICAL MACHINES Credits: 3:1:0 Course Objective
09EI220 ELECTRICAL MACHINES Credits: 3:1:0 Course Objective: To expose the students to the concepts of various types of electrical machines and applications of
Theory of Electrical Machines, drives and Control ...
Title: Theory of Electrical Machines, drives and Control – Teaching, experimentation and Research Author: Dr.B.Uma Last modified by: Dr.B.Uma Created Date
Electrical Power and Machines Lecture 1 - Arab Academy for ...
Electric Power & Machines “Dr. Ahmed El-Shenawy” Power Systems Components electric generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy In a
Electrical Machines | Suresh Muthusamy -
Type to search for People, Research Interests and Universities. Searching... Electrical Machines more
New Trends on Design and Control of Electrical Machines
The aim of this workshop is to give an insight into technological trends in design and control of electrical machines. New application requirements concerning to cost ...
This Course at MIT | Electric Machines | Electrical ...
Course Overview. This page focuses on the course 6.685 Electric Machines as it was taught by Prof. James L. Kirtley Jr. in Fall 2013. This course is taught with a ...
Electric Machines - Ohio State University
Electric Machines U G 3 Standard Syllabus Magnetic circuits, transformers, electromechanical energy conversion principles, concepts of ...
6.685 Electric Machines, Quiz 1 Solutions
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science G.GS5 Elee'tric l\lachiner:-.-' Quiz . 1 . One Crib Sheet Allowed ...


Electrical Machines I